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Oct‚Äč 10th

Listen to live WCIR performances

  • Reel: The Old Maid of Galway1:17
  • Sligo Reels4:32
  • School Days Over2:30
  • Slides and Polkas - The Hare and the Court1:55
  • Don't Bury Me Outside of Chicago3:34
  • Leaving of Liverpool2:05

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5th Anniversary Special - Wow, five years of quality Irish entertainment!

"A typical show might feature a Clancy, a Chieftain, or Cherish the Ladies with a tribute to Elvis...Presley OR Costello...a musical tribute to W.B. Yeats or an homage to the great Johnny Cash...A visit from a Makem, a Shannon, Liz Carroll, or a great Irish tenor...Or actors, authors or theatre directors."